sustainable farming practices

Putting Our Heart and Soul Into the Land

At Los Oídos Vineyards, we are committed to sustainable farming practices. Prior to planting, compost and vermi-compost teas/blends were incorporated into the ground. Our goal is to re-establish the natural microbiology of the soil. Insect control is through Integrated Pest Management (IPM). To be good stewards of the land, we believe that farming should be kept simple and that it can be done without compromising quality or yield. Learn More About Our Sustainable Farming Practices.

Viticulture 101

Learn about the characteristics of our Tablas Creek clones, most of which are cuttings from vines at Ch√Ęteau de Beaucastel, in Ch√Ęteauneuf-du-Pape.

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Vineyard Planting

The vineyard was planted in April 2009. It is amazing how straight the rows are. Ken Hart and his crew did a great job. Check out the photos here!

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Photo Gallery

Get to know us! Connect and get inside the happenings here at Los Oídos Vineyards by browsing our gallery of photos. We'd love to hear from you!

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Our Plantings
Cabernet Sauvignon Clone #4
Cabernet Sauvignon Clone #6
Cabernet Sauvignon Clone #191
Cabernet Sauvignon Entav Clone #685
Merlot Clone #3
Merlot Clone #15
Cabernet Franc VCR Clone #10
Petite Verdot Clone #2
Malbec Clone #4
Sangiovese VCR Clone #6 (Brunello)
Syrah Joseph Phelps Clone
Syrah Tablas Creek Clone A
Grenache Noir Tablas Creek Clone A
Mourvedre Tablas Creek Clone A
Picpoul Blanc Tablas Creek Clone A
Roussanne Tablas Creek Clone A
Marsanne Tablas Creek Clone A
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